Is your Android device acting up?

The latest update is making some phones go weird with Amazon and/or Google. That link has details about how to undo the update until there’s a fix. I don’t know how common it is: I only know about it because a buddy of mine had a problem with one of my Facebook links to the Amazon site and let me know I might of had a virus (I do not)…

2 thoughts on “Is your Android device acting up?”

  1. Haven’t had problems there, but the latest Chrome update is a battery-eating monstrosity.
    (It was “supposed” to do the opposite, but data usage is telling me that data mining has been cranked up to eleven, opt outs be damned.)

    1. Or maybe some three letter agency has decided that I’m a domestic terrorist and is scraping my history.

      For those trapped behind enemy lines:
      The Groundhog sees the Midnight Sun. PopcOrn FutureS Boogaloo. Sees makes Great SuckerS. The chair is against the wall.

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