The CYBERPUNK 2077 1.2 patch has dropped.

Lots of QOL repairs, apparently. I haven’t checked it out yet because the patch is pretty damn big, too (almost 29 gigs). Although… is that big, these days? A game that size would have been starkly incomprehensible to me, twenty years ago, let alone a patch.

Moe Lane

PS: The Cyberpunk 2077 patch is so late because some hackers decided to try and do some ransomware. …And there’s been nothing on that story since. It’s interesting, really.

One thought on “The CYBERPUNK 2077 1.2 patch has dropped.”

  1. So, picked up Far Cry 5 (short review: Yes, it takes pot shots at conservatives. Of course it does. Cause conservative Christian Gun owners are the REAL totalitarian threat we are looking at.) It was on a deep, deep sale on steam.

    I like some of the things they tried to do with the villains. They tried to layer in some backstory and depth and that was not too bad. In general the story is a disorganized mess. Trying to pull themes from past far cry games as well as a lot of other stories (including Bioshock, oddly enough.)

    One thing I noticed though: Far Cry can never get me to look at it as anything other than a playground. It is strange. As much hate as Cyberpunk got/gets, it does more to immerse and draw me in than most games made today. Example: during the Heist. I was so into the game, that I never once thought for a second to look around and explore before making tracks after the big event. I only found out later that there were at least two iconic weapons I missed out on as a result.

    Slightly different example: Ghost of Tsushima is beautiful. Extremely well done. Music is great. Everything well done. But it leaves me cold.

    Another example that gets a lot of hate: Mass Effect Andromeda. As much as anyone, I thought the concept sounded odd when I first heard it. However, the more I thought about it, the more cool and different and unique it became. A one way trip. No backup. No calling for help. Just you and truly the unknown frontier. Everyone you knew who did not join you is dead and died long ago. SO much there. Like the guy who went on the trip (mining surveyor?) when he found out a loved one had a terminal diagnosis. Damn, the overall game might have been a bit of a been, but they did some elements absolutely gold.

    The scene when you find out in KOTOR (this one got me back in the day, I had no idea, so it blew me away.) When you finally find Ciri on the misty island (I knew what they were doing and was even telling myself they were manipulating me with the music and the pace and the so forth- STILL got me.)

    TL;DR Good storytelling versus poor or uninspired storytelling.

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