…On the small screen, alas. Or not alas: I have a horrible habit of pausing movies, when I can. The button’s always right there, promising me the decadent joys of watching films at my speed. Oddly, I don’t miss it when I’m in the actual theater, but give me a change to indulge myself and I’ll take it.

Now watch: I’ll see GODZILLA VS. KONG and decide to run out to see it right away in theaters. God knows when I’ll have the time, though. It’s gonna be a busy couple weeks…

Moe Lane

PS: In case I haven’t mentioned it: while Kong is naturally an American cinematic icon, Godzilla has spent the last decade providing valuable close-in support to the American military on multiple occasions. I cannot in good conscience blindly allow nostalgia to supersede a proven track record without first giving Godzilla the opportunity to defend his actions. The Big Guy has earned some consideration here.

Also, we all know they’re gonna team up, and beat the crap out of Mechagodzilla.