In Nomine Tether: The HPLHS Store (Flowers)

For the game I’m running. Not quite canonical, in other words.

The HPLHS Store


It always seems to confuse mortals when they find out that Divine Tethers which spring from horror fiction invariably end up as Tethers to Flowers (although, to be fair, prior to Eli’s walkabout many did end up as Tethers to Creation). Angels aren’t subject to that problem: they know perfectly well that horror-themed entertainment does not encourage violence, because they asked the Seraphim if it did and the Seraphim said ‘No’ without dissonance. It’s amazing how handy it is for the Heavenly Host to be able to quantify Truth. It gets Heaven out of so many scrapes.

So the HPLHS (HP Lovecraft Historical Society) Store is not particularly odd in that regard at all. It’s a small Tether, about ten years old, and not particularly flashy: it’s located just outside of the no-go (for angels) zone that is Los Angeles. The Host uses it to slip angels into the area — particularly ones that are being sent into LA, no-go zone or not — but it’s not exactly what you’d call militant. Partially that’s because of its covert status, and partially because it is, after all, a Tether to Flowers. They have a problem with unnecessary violence, after all. But if angels need cash, medical attention, or a place to crash in the back, their door is always open.

Just avoid Heavenly politics. LA is right over there, and the Tether is trying to keep a low profile. So don’t do anything stupid.

Curwin, Cherub Vassal of Flowers

She picked the name deliberately. Why? Because it was funny. Curwin is young, in angelic terms: barely seventy years old, and had an extremely busy career keeping the unnecessary violence down before she discovered the newly-formed Tether about ten years ago. Novalis decided to put her in charge of it, possibly as a working vacation. That being in charge of a covert Tether on the edge of Enemy-controlled territory could be genuinely considered a ‘vacation’ should indicate to the impartial observer just how difficult corporeal service to Flowers can get. She putters around the place in a variety of vessels, never keeping one for very long.

Curwin is generally helpful to everybody on the side of Heaven, knowing or not. She’s definitely accommodating to anybody coming down the Tether, too, including Servitors of Archangels normally at odds with Flowers. Her only rule there is that if you’re going to cause trouble, wait until you’re well clear of the Tether before you start. Breaking that rule isn’t a good idea; the HPLHS Store Tether has survived longer than anybody in Heaven’s expected it to, and one reason why is because nobody’s tried to turn it into a fortress. Best to keep that happy state of affairs running.

Note that Curwin is not Word-bound to the Tether: the Tether simply isn’t secure enough to justify that. One demonic patrol in the wrong place, and the forces of evil will swarm, on general principles. Novalis isn’t going to throw away… well, she doesn’t throw away anybody. But she’d rather have Curwin and no Tether than no Curwin, no Tether, and a heap of expired demonic vessels in the blast zone. Although Curwin herself might have a different opinion on the subject…

Rusty the Wonder Dog

This is, well, a dog. It’s a 2 Force dog that sticks around the Tether, and is renowned among those in the know for being remarkably easy for Kyriotates to possess. Fun fact: it’s a local legend in the community for being always there to help foil crimes and apprehend miscreants. Other fun fact: for some reason, no demon can really focus on Rusty the Wonder Dog for any length of time. Nobody’s sure why. Maybe he’s just a Very Good Boy?

The HPLHS Store: Average (8 Forces, Regular Flow, Celestial Harbor, Quiet, Attuned Seneschal)

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