Short version: gloriously absurd.

Slightly longer version: Do you want to see giant monsters smashing the energy blobs out of each other? Do you care how the monsters got there? Do you care how you got there? Do you feel the urge to shout TOO MANY QUESTIONS MOAR KONG AND GOJIRA right now? If the answers were yes, no, no, and NO MOAR TALK, then: welp, then go ahead and watch GODZILLA VS. KONG. it’s just what it says on the label.

I had a blast.

Moe Lane

PS: This movie name-drops a remarkable number of Golden Age conspiracy theories. Except for all the ones about the Jews, thank God.

2 thoughts on “My GODZILLA VS. KONG review.”

  1. This? This sounds like my kind of movie. I shall watch it with my family on our home entertainment center, with the volume turned up to “USGS Earthquake Center is calling us again”. 🙂

  2. There were times while watching this one, that for a few seconds I felt like the kid I was when I saw the first Kong vs Godzilla.
    They even gave me Pellucidar.
    What more can I ask for from a movie like this?

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