The final WITHOUT REMORSE trailer.

On the one hand: they’ve fiddled with the plot to WITHOUT REMORSE something fierce. To the point where it’s almost unrecognizable.

On the other hand: Michael B. Jordan.

And, on the gripping hand: it comes with Amazon Prime.

4 thoughts on “The final WITHOUT REMORSE trailer.”

  1. It’s the gripping hand that’ll win the day for me.
    Well, once I’m done getting the new internet service to work.

  2. Hrm. Not sure I like the change. I will admit it has been many years since I read the book, but one of the themes I seem to remember was: You have a guy trying to live his life. Within the law as a retiree and being a vet from Vietnam. An accomplished soldier, he is trying to reintegrate and get used to civilian life. His romance with the woman and her murder is the motivating factor. The idea is not that he ‘snapped’ but rather that they decided to kill someone he loved and he responded and used the training and skill set he had learned from the war.
    I always got the feeling that the book was trying to do something similar to Rambo- but without the ostracizing elements with regards to those with military training (intentionally NOT treating them like barely contained rabid dogs who will go off without a reason at the slightest provocation.)
    The stuff here seems to lose a lot of what I think was one of the core themes of the book. The scenes in the prison. The board of white guys. Indeed in the book, I seem to recall that there is a meeting of intelligence officers discussing Clarke’s rampage through the drug cartel and the point is made: if this happened to your wife, would any of you guys- in this meeting- do differently?

    1. Yeah. The more trailers I see, the more it looks like this is “In Name Only”. That doesn’t mean that it won’t be good. But it doesn’t appear to have anything in common with the story that Tom Clancy wrote.

      And the differences aren’t due to updating it for the modern era.

      The original novel was very firmly set in a big American city. There was foreign special ops stuff, but it was *very* firmly limited to the secondary plot. The protagonist’s rampage was exclusively against local criminals – and a small group of them, at that. He doesn’t single-handedly take down the entire local mafia family.

      I think I need to read it again…

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