Ooh, they’re adapting STARLIGHT. Nice.

:narrowed eyes: They had better not [expletive deleted] it up: “Joe Cornish, known for writing and directing Attack the Block as well as writing the first Ant-Man, has signed on to write and direct the adaptation of Mark Millar’s comic Starlight for 20th Century Studios.”

For those who are unfamiliar: STARLIGHT is Millar’s take on the old Buck Rogers / ERB / Flash Gordon space adventure serials and comics; his hero is named Duke MacQueen, who had all sorts of adventures on an alien world… and went home to his true love. Only now it’s decades later, and his love has passed, his children have grown apart, and he’s old.

All of which sounds very horrible and depressing, and it is – right before a desperate plea for help comes from said alien planet, and MacQueen immediately goes back into heroic-jawed, ass-kicking heroic mode. Because, really: who wants to read six issues’ worth of whining? – And you want to watch out for the old heroes, too. After all: they’re old. I’m not the first person to point out the implications of that.

In other words, I like this comic. So they better not [expletive deleted] it up.

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  1. That has potential and this Cornish fellow shows promise based on his previous work (I liked Antman quite a bit). Maybe it won’t suck.

    Here’s hoping.

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