04/16/21 Snippet, PROCESSING DUTY.

Getting to the end!


I was kidding, of course. We don’t get training. —No, Agent Kelly, for real. Uncle Sam figures that if you live through whatever got you to the Site in the first place, you’ll figure out the rest as you go along. And when it comes to half the things we deal with; the more you know about them, the more likely you’re gonna end up in a rubber room. Or worse.

That’s why me and Jack, we were the ones who ended up going through that crack in the wall we found, instead of having a platoon of soldiers do it for us. You don’t know how regular people handle this stuff until they get dropped in it — and once they show they can handle it, there’s always something more important for them to do. Hey: they found something harder for me to do than toting a BAR, right?

I still kind of wished I had one as we twisted our way through the cave tunnels on the other side of the crack. Too much chance of a ricochet, though. The .45 Jack had brought along was bad enough, although I didn’t blame him for wanting to be heeled. I made him keep it in the holster as I tool point. I figured we’d get fewer bouncers from me swinging Bang-Man around.