Back from the shot.

So far, no side effects from the shot itself (Moderna, if it matters). The Mango Pepsi* and Funyuns I consumed while gassing up the car, though? …Jury’s still out on those.

But if the shot wipes me out later, it wipes me out later. Small price to pay.

Moe Lane

*…I would not call it bad. But the taste was surprising, and I’m not sure why. I mean, the bottle told me it was mango-flavored. I supposed I didn’t… believe it?

4 thoughts on “Back from the shot.”

  1. I had some issues with the 2nd Moderna shot. I was a little fevery and very tired the next day. Be prepared to be down for a day or 2 after the 2nd shot.

    The first shot I had no problem with.

  2. I’ve had 20 oz of that Mango Pepsi and I’m still not sure whether I like it or not. You’re right though, it is different and…mango flavored.

    Ix-nay on the funyuns though.

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