Some extra stuff from MORGAN BAROD.

My alpha reader insisted on an interstitial bit. I had to agree with her, so I wrote some. This is a part of it.


If this is what being a prince is like, thought Morgan sourly as he wrote out in full his father’s notes from the Committee meeting, then hurrah for democracy.

Although ‘prince’ wasn’t the right word. Officially, Edward MacLaurence was just one person of five on the Emergency Committee for the salt-towns. He wasn’t even the head of it; that honor rotated through the committee every month. But in practice all the other Committee members looked to Morgan’s father for direction on every issue more important than quarterly adjustment of harbor fees. He didn’t always get his full way, but nothing got done unless Committeeman MacLaurence had at least conceded the necessity for it.

That still didn’t make him a king, Morgan decided. Dad’s probably more like a baron. Which would make me the… heir? To all of this?