The alpha read of MORGAN BAROD has been processed.

This bad boy clocks in at just over 85,000 words. Now comes the fun part: the beta read. And the alpha-reread. And the edits. And more edits. And MOAR EDITS, until the end of time.

If you want to be in on the beta read, drop me a line. I am running a little behind, so quick turnover would be helpful.

6 thoughts on “The alpha read of MORGAN BAROD has been processed.”

  1. I might be interested, if you’d have me. What does “quick turnover” mean to you?

      1. A couple of weeks, I think I can do. What level of feedback are you looking for?

  2. I’m in, if you’re still looking for readers. Is this the same universe as “Frozen Dreams”?

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