In Nomine Revisited: Mastema, Habbalite Duke of Envy

Found this while looking for something else. Okay, while ego-googling. But it was pretty good and got a good reaction, so I guess the ego-googling… worked?


Habbalite Duke of Envy

Corporeal Forces: 6 Strength: 12 Agility: 12

Ethereal Forces: 6 Intelligence: 12 Precision: 12

Celestial Forces: 6 Will: 12 Perception: 12

Vessel/6 (male), Charisma +3

Role (Someone Better Than You/6, Status/6)

Word-Forces: 20

Skills: Detect Lies/3, Dodge/6, Emote/3, Fighting/6, Knowledge (Human Psychology/6, Kronos’ Hierarchy/6, The Archives/6), Large Weapon/6 (sword), Lying/3, Move Silently/3, Small Weapon/6 (knife)

Songs: Entropy (All/6, virtuoso), Healing (All/4), Motion (All/3), Shields (All/6, virtuoso), Tongues (All/4), all of Kronos’ secret songs at /3

Attunements: All of Fate’s unrestricted Band and Servitor attunements, Duke of Envy (Mastema has been granted knowledge of both 900 – 1000 AD and 1000 – 1100 AD)

Duke of Envy: 1). Mastema has the ability to inflict Envy as part of his resonance. This will cause the target to desire either the possessions or accomplishments of another (chosen at the time of the resonance use); if given the opportunity to somehow steal either, the target will try to do so if he fails a Will roll. The target will also react negatively (reaction roll at a minus equal to the CD of the resonance roll) to the person chosen to be the focus of the target’s Envy. Both effects last for 1 hour. Mastema may give this out as an attunement, including to non-Habbalah! 2). Mastema does not suffer dissonance when he absorbs Envy from a backlash. 3). Mastema automatically detects what thing a mortal is most envious about.


All of Kronos’ Rites, plus the following:

: Make someone envious of another person without resonance use (3x day)

: Publicly criticize someone in a fashion that would make others envious of him (cumulative with the first)

: Cause a Servitor of Destiny to Fall (+2 Essence)

: Cause a Soldier of Destiny to become Damned

: Prevent a Servitor of Fate from going Renegade

Mastema? Mastema has it all.

He is at the absolute top of the greasy pole of rank in Fate’s organization. He is a powerful Duke with a powerful Word (an actual Deadly Sin, no less!), and whatever he wants, he gets. He has an army of servants dedicated to his every directive and whim, and he is the most welcome of VIP guests in those portions of Hell suitable for outside demonic tourism. Not that this is anything except Mastema’s due, given that he’s here to show these fool demons how to really do the work of the Lord.

Mastema earned that due, too. When the Traitors seized control of Heaven and banished the true angels, he was there. When Lucifer and the rest, trapped in Hell, weakened and Fell, Mastema was there. When these new ‘demons’ clawed their way back to Earth, Mastema was there. He has endured and been tested and tormented, and he always prevailed. More than prevailed: his power steadily rose. They say he was ‘granted’ the Word of Envy, the fools. He invented Envy! He is Envy! You can tell, because virtually everyone who ever sees him is instantly filled with his Word. And, again, this is how it should be.

The best part is that he doesn’t even have to go to Earth anymore. Mastema hated Earth: it was… messy. He likes it much better in Kronos’ nice, clean Archives, where human souls are reduced to their proper place and form: a dingy manila file folder that no one ever bothers to read. Actually, he likes it much better running Kronos’ Archives, which is what he pretty much does. It’s not his name on the door of the “official” Head Archivist, but then: it never is. “Official” Head Archivists are there to take the blame on those rare occasions where Mastema had instructed the staff to do something that ended up going wrong badly enough to merit Kronos’ attention. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, the Habbalite is covered for it.

And it cannot be said enough that this is nothing but Mastema’s due, for he deserves it all. He’s not shy about saying so, given his status and his power. Yes. Mastema has it all.



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