04/26/21 Snippet, PICKMAN’S MODEL.

Oddly, this is not a horror story.


“Merely? Ah.” Alice nodded. “You do not think Wilcox’s strategy to be a true answer to the problem. Do you worry that you will merely create ‘new’ old devils?”

“Exactly!” There was not enough room in the crowded subway car to pace, so Richard contented himself with a smile that featured in many of his fellow-passengers’ nightmares that evening. “It would be trivial to turn our surroundings into a horror, would it not? Creatures, suddenly come from the dark to surround and seize this prosaic cab, their features shrouded by muck and worse things. Picture the men, futilely trying to stand sentinel, only to shrink back at the hellish laughter of those outside; or perhaps the engineer, striving to still push the train through the sudden crowd of abominations on the tracks ahead and behind, until he was pulled through his own window. The remaining passengers would huddle as the first victim’s shrieks were overborne by the terrible sounds of rending and ravening, and then watch with dull terror in the flickering light, as the doors between them and mad agony were slowly… pried… open.”