Tweet of the Day, …Truth edition.

As Karl noted elsewhere, only Ben Bova assumed it’d be the Japanese who’d be doing it. Then again, it was back in the 1980s, back when we all assumed that the Japanese would end up dominating the world. Then they got exquisitely screwed by the NYC real estate industry, and never quite recovered from that.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, …Truth edition.”

  1. I remember attending a SF/F convention over a decade ago (but not quiet two decades). There was a publisher panel of the indie publisher. They all said that electronic publishing was a waste and you couldn’t maker money at it. At length. The only exception was the representative from Baen, who quietly and politely said, just once, “We find our electronic publishing doesn’t significantly cannibalize our physical publishing sales, and even if it did, our electronic publishing is profitable.”

    The only darned ones who thought electronic publishing was a thing to do, except as novelty or vanity. At a Science Fiction convention.

    I would later realize how much this indicated that traditional publishing was doomed.

    1. I wonder who was the first person at Baen to realize that they could sell e-ARCs at hardcover prices and none of their customers would say a damned word because we were getting the books three months early which reminds me.

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