I want to like THE MISFITS trailer. I do.

THE MISFITS has Pierce Brosnan in it, so… yeah, on general principles? I mean, I’m ready to watch THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR again on general principles, just because I’m being reminded of the flick right now. But I’m… not loving this trailer.

This makes me obscurely sad.

2 thoughts on “I want to like THE MISFITS trailer. I do.”

  1. It has a distinct second-rate feel to me. Like somebody wanted to make a Mission Impossible-style caper movie, but substituted explosions and weak jokes for the intricate plotting and clever writing.

    1. I was thinking more like a combination of Oceans 11 and Now You See Me …
      I’m hoping that good pacing can make up for the apparent abundance of vapidity…
      Could be worse .. there are camels …

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