Bundle of Holding now offering permanent starter RPG packs.

These are PDF starter packs, mind you: and Bundle of Holding seems to be offering them at a 25% discount from list price, instead of their usual super-sale. But the offers don’t expire, either. I recommend NIGHT’S BLACK AGENTS and TRAIL OF CTHULHU, obviously. Fourth Edition CHAMPIONS… actually, I’m not sure about 4th ed. I think I skipped between Second and Fifth editions, there. Certainly it’s been a while since I did any Hero System games…

One thought on “Bundle of Holding now offering permanent starter RPG packs.”

  1. No, with Hero System, 4th and 5th are the go-tos. 1-3 have some cost issues for powers/ disads/skills/ frameworks/etc. (and 1-2 are very early 80s in layout.) And 6th went off in a “the hell…?” direction with some design decisions. 4th probably gets the nod over 5th as I think it’s got a few more books available for it.

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