Tweet of the Day, Dear God, It *Is* Them edition.

I even know the movie! (The Dead Pool) …You gotta wonder how all of that happened, and why, and who lost a bet*.

*Contra the Tweeter above, the movie wasn’t so much bad as it was kinda ridiculous. Dirty Harry movies don’t age badly, but they definitely get dated quick. And even then the premise was starting to feel distinctly alternate timeline-y.

2 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Dear God, It *Is* Them edition.”

  1. That was the one with the exploding remote-control car chase. IIRC, Carrey was a “rock star” and we were introduced to him making a video of “Welcome to the Jungle” with Neeson as the director.

  2. Apropos of nothing except a Clint connection, but the wife and I watched “In the Line of Fire” over the weekend, and the only really dated part of it is the lack of cell phones. Add in half a dozen solid B-actors alongside Eastwood & Malkovich for a solid film.

    PS We made it a double feature with “The Perfect Storm”. That one has held up too.

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