Christina Ricci rumored to be under consideration for Morticia.

HEY! WE’RE ALL OLD! “Tim Burton is developing a spin-off series at Netflix based on The Addams Family daughter, Wednesday… [a report says] production is looking at franchise alum Christina Ricci to join the cast as Wednesday’s mother Morticia Addams.”

Seriously, though, I’m down. I am fine with Tim Burton trying his hand at The Addams Family and it’s a clever conceit, using Ricci to play Morticia. Successful or not, Burton will at least make the movie interesting. That’s not always guaranteed, when you’re talking about a sequel to an existing IP.

…Yeah, I agree with the above, but that’s not what I’m coming back to. What I’m coming back to is, again, somehow I’m in my fifties and the kid I watched in the movies is now maybe going to play that character’s mother. What happened?

5 thoughts on “Christina Ricci rumored to be under consideration for Morticia.”

  1. Take it as a compliment from the universe or whatever deity you hold to, Moe.
    Growing old ain’t for the faint of heart.
    That you’re still here means at least that much.
    p.s. Oh, and for every year you age, she ages about 11 months .. ‘s why the female of the human species lives longer.

  2. A favorite comedy bit of the wife and I is about two old ladies in a movie theatre whispering to each other, something akin to
    “He looks so young….He’s dead know, you know”.

    I am not ashamed to say my wife and I do this watching TV and movies now, particularly when JT Walsh. Chris Penn, or Michael Clark Duncan show up. It also leads to the fun game of “When did he die? Pause the film, look it up on IMDB, and spend so much time reading trivia the system goes into a screensaver.”

  3. Remember, this is the same reality where Marissa Tomei plays as supposedly “mature” character role of Spiderman’s Aunt May.

      1. Hey, it’s a significant point increase to jump from an incompetent dependent to a competent dependent.
        At this rate, she’ll be a sidekick in the next regeneration.

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