In the mail: the ScarJo GHOST IN THE SHELL.

Blame Sonny Bunch.

In my experience: I don’t agree very often with Sonny over what makes for a bad movie. But I’ve found that he’s usually right over what makes for a good movie. Worth grabbing GHOST IN THE SHELL over, at least.

2 thoughts on “In the mail: the ScarJo GHOST IN THE SHELL.”

  1. I do want to give it a shot. I’m a big GITS fan and have read/seen all the other adaptations, but I am willing to see a genuinely unique spin on it.

    1. However, if Sonny’s only exposure to GITS is the first animated movie, then I can understand why he’d find the western version more engaging. Mamoru Oshii makes very talky, deliberately plotted films and his GITS is a prime example of his style. The comics were way more action oriented and flashy and the TV series’ hewed much closer to the source’s style. If Sonny’s not read/seen them then I’d assume he’s basically reacting to Oshii’s style. I liked the the first GITS anime movie, but it’s not a roller coaster ride, that’s for certain.

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