May the Fourth be with you.

As is traditional to note on this day. Of course, ‘tradition’ is a slippery concept, here. Anyway, we’ve moved away from rumors that a remake of KOTOR might be in the works to rumors that the upcoming KOTOR will be an action RPG instead of a turn-based one. Which would definitely argue against them just re-porting the game to modern consoles*.

So, hey! Actual Star Wars news that you might care about! Awesome!

Moe Lane

*I also wonder how much cut content they’d officially put into a re-port ofd KOTOR II. After all, there was a team of people already doing it for them.

4 thoughts on “May the Fourth be with you.”

  1. I admit that I would not be sad to see it move off of the D&D 3.x chassis.

  2. Sorry but I have no desire to see them touch KOTOR. Hell, I am mortified at what they will do to Mass Effect (beyond removing shapely derrieres.)

    1. Too bad they’re not doing away with Shepard starting to float, and everything after.

      Or the shuttle pilot constantly telling us he was gay. (I wasn’t interested the first time. But it wasn’t enough for him to just bring it up every time you talked to him. That would let you ignore his gayness by ignoring him. The bloody character simply *had* to inject himself into any conversation you were having with another character in the same room to tell you he was gay.). Or at least give us the option of a renegade QuickTimeEvent.

      1. I forgot completely about Cortez. Damn. He was a kind of forgettable character. When you mentioned this, my first thought was ‘Kaiden wasn’t a shuttle pilot.’

        That reminds me of a great meme for Kaiden around the time ME3 came out: ‘Die a Hero or live long enough to become the weird gay friend.’

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