And I’m back.

A successful vacation! Kites were flown, boardwalk food was eaten, golf carts were ridden, my wife got to make a camp fire, many dogs were seen and made much of, a moose plushie was won in an epic battle with a claw machine*, and I slept a remarkable amount of hours. A good Mother’s Day was had by all.

Moe Lane

*As it went into the hopper I half-hissed, half-shouted: To the last, I grapple with thee; for hate’s sake, I spit my last venom at thee in full Khan Noonian Singh mode. By now, my wife doesn’t even roll her eyes. She has become resigned to my little ways.

4 thoughts on “And I’m back.”

  1. I noticed that they always put those claw machines right out where everyone can see you, so I always assumed that a performance was expected of me.

    *Nice touch using his full name; obsessive yet respectful.

  2. Did you work out enough so you could do justice to Khan’s pecs? Dude was ripped considering he was in his 60s.

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