05/14/21 Snippet, Rescue from Chateau d’Aléatoire.

Annnnddd… done.


Gerard announced his presence with a hearty, “Marcel! Hold up!” while moving very quickly, since he knew perfectly well that Tempeste would not give him more than a moment to act. But since at least he had that moment, he would have to improvise.

As he approached Marcel, Gerard thought of the best way to explain the situation. It was a very complicated problem, in its way, and Marcel was not exactly experienced enough in the way of things to understand subtlety. Clearly Gerard would need to be forthright.

Lieutenant Marcel did show a little startlement, but recovered quickly at the sudden appearance of Gerard’s confident stride out from the dark. He clearly at least immediately recognized Gerard, which would thankfully save valuable time in explanations. “Captain!” he exclaimed. “What keeps you up this late?”

Marcel flicked a slightly guilty look at Tempeste and unconsciously moved a little, as if to shield her from the captain’s presumably wrathful gaze. Evidently Marcel was more than a little conflicted about his present orders, too. “It is after curfew, to be sure, but I assure you there is no prob—” — and at that point Gerard was close enough to knee Marcel in the groin.

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