Patreon Microfiction: “Invoking the Black-Smoke Foal.”

As they say in the world of “Invoking the Black-Smoke Foal”: The Bountiful Mother Ocean made Selkie. Sam Colt made her equal. You’d think more supernatural creatures with hands would have made this conceptual leap*.


Moe Lane

*Man, now I want to write a story about a shotgun-wielding Bigfoot exorcist.

7 thoughts on “Patreon Microfiction: “Invoking the Black-Smoke Foal.””

  1. Nah, man. Shotguns in a close forest aren’t for Bigfoot.
    They’re ambidextrous, and favor heavy-caliber revolvers.
    Saves on policing the brass, goes with the “leave no trace” thing.

  2. And now I want to read a story about a gun-wielding Bigfoot exorcist. Alas that I do not have the resources to commission such a piece.

  3. Quite a franchise could be made out of that.

    Bigfoot vs Evil
    The Howling: Bigfoot Returns
    Son of Bigfoot
    Army of Bigfoot

    1. Are we just replacing the main character in an action movie with Harry from Harry and the Hendersons? Because I feel like “Live Free or Bigfoot”.

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