The second shot is *hammering* me today.

It really is a lot worse when you get the second shot. Fatigue, my arm hurts, and I think I may be running an actual fever?

On the other hand, I woke up this morning saying Wait! Morgan Barod needs to kill a monster made of slime and human vertebrae! Which is correct: he did, and it fixed a chapter nicely, I think. So yay, vaccine-induced fevers.

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  1. Odds of my dying from the virus: roughly 1:3,000 (assuming I haven’t already had it, but that assumption is extremely doubtful. If the assumption is false, it’s one to a couple hundred thousands at worst.)

    Odds of my dying from the experimental vaccine: about 1:80,000

    Eh, I’ll take my chances.

    (Shrug) You would not *believe* how much my risk assessment pisses some people off.
    If getting the shots will give you peace of mind, feel free. (Shrug) But someone who has been vaccinated wearing two masks and yelling at me for refusing to wear a face diaper, has lost the frigging plot.

        1. Unless they’re responsible for signing of paychecks .. they can be ignored.
          Even those signing the checks can *sometimes* be ignored, but that’s a longer discussion and touches heavily on both “better to beg forgiveness…” and “…sometimes the sword falls on you”.

    1. For my age group, the odds of dying from COVID were 1:5000. To put that in perspective, odds of dying in a car crash for 51-55 year olds? 20 per 100000 drivers (or 1:5000).

      Odds of long-term harm from the experimental vaccine? I don’t know, but one neighbor died and another had a stroke within two weeks after taking the jab. I’ll also take my chances.

      After a year where where COVID cases and deaths were zealously counted, the government has gone the other way and decided to ignore any possible negative effects of the vaccine.

  2. Maybe it is just my sense of aesthetics, but I am honestly having a hard time thinking of which story wouldn’t be improved by having the protagonist kill a monster made of slime and human vertebrae. Romeo & Juliet? Better. The Firm? Yup. Bridges of Madison County? Yup, better.

  3. Yeah, I’ve heard the second round symptoms are gnarly.
    C’est la guerre.
    Way to monetize your pain!

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