Amazon looking to buy MGM.

Because the world of our youth is gone. Like dust in the wind…

Chatter that Amazon (and other tech and media giants) have been sniffing around MGM has circulated for some time. But sources indicated that Amazon’s interest in acquiring the studio has taken on a new tenor beyond the usual rumor mill. The deal is said to be being orchestrated by Mike Hopkins, senior VP of Amazon Studios and Prime Video, directly with MGM board chairman Kevin Ulrich, whose Anchorage Capital is a major MGM shareholder.

(Via GeekTyrant) The offering price is reported 9 billion, which coincidentally also answers the question Just how much money is MGM’s library worth, anyway? Despite the melodrama above, I’m actually more or less unbothered by this. More accurately, I recognize that the current model of as-close-to-endless-copyright-as-we-can-manage requires that all streamable movies and TV shows will end up being owned by some corporation — and I already have Amazon Prime. So shine on, you crazy diamond.

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    1. There’s that .. and there’s “Jeff B has to park his money *somewhere* and Bill G already bought Iowa” ..

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