DC to back into the #Snyderverse with an INJUSTICE animated show?

Okay, fine, the answer is probably no. They’re just going to do the movie version of the cutscenes, or something. But you know me: always ready to stir the ordure.

And while I’m here: I personally cannot wait for the current crop of revisionist Superman stories finally plays out. I kind of feel bad for the folks who made SUPERMAN: RETURNS, honestly. They missed… the moment, the confidence of the studio, something… and then it all got abandoned when MAN OF STEEL came along. The irony is, I think the former will eventually end up being remembered as being the ‘real’ sequel to SUPERMAN II, while the latter will not get a critical reevaluation. Or something like that.

All that being said, turning the animated INJUSTICE movie into the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE sequel would be gonzo. If only to savor the outraged screams of everybody still upset that the Snyder Cut even got made.

3 thoughts on “DC to back into the #Snyderverse with an INJUSTICE animated show?”

  1. Superman: Returns had a very good setup, and even an excellent villain justification speech – Lex seeing himself as Prometheus, and stealing fire from the gods for all of mankind is just the kind of hubris and self justification that elevates him above a petty criminal. But the grand plot being another real estate plot makes a poor rehash and weak ending. Having him, for example, unleash Braniac instead, would make for a more interesting, dangerous, and long term challenging story. Stellar effects, great actors, and in the end I felt disappointed by critical parts of the plot.

    By contrast, I thought Man of Steel was under appreciated. The character conflict and growth is stronger, the escalating fight is a clear challenge from the get go, and the threat is to all Earth. In the end, he chooses to end the last other connection to Krypton rather than let even one more life be lost. The foundational ground work for a character in a larger cinematic universe was set.

    But my opinion seems to be an outlier on this one.

  2. I really liked Film Theory’s take on the Snydercut being a Flashpoint sequel to the cinematic release. They are both canon, and that they directly contradict each other is just Flash “setting right what once went wrong”.

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