POWERPUFF live reboot to be repiloted.

Not gonna lie, I’m not really fully up to speed on the lingo. But it certainly sounds like somebody took a look at the POWERPUFF pilot and said “This sucks:”

Powerpuff, based on the original Cartoon Network animated series, will be reworked and repiloted off-cycle. The four leads — Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, Yana Perrault and Donald Faison — as well as other cast and the writers-producers all remain on board the project, from Warner Bros TV/Berlanti Prods.

For now, at least. Nobody’s going to listen to me on this, obviously, but perhaps the problem they’re having with the show is that it’s harder than it looks to successfully sneer at your target audience? Really: ‘disillusioned twentysomethings‘ are hardly a rare commodity in media, these days. Neither is their message of being in their twenties, and disillusioned. Hell, you can’t get them to ever shut up.

So maybe make a show where the kids didn’t grow up to be walking wounded? If only for the novelty value. This angsty, apologetic stuff gets real old.

9 thoughts on “POWERPUFF live reboot to be repiloted.”

  1. There are times when you can just look at Hollywood, mouth agape, and wonder why anybody would have considered an obvious train wreck to be a good idea.

    This one’s as bad as “We’re going to take a beloved Gen-X kids show, and use the costumes/characters to make a movie ripping off Five Nights at Freddy’s. After all, Gen-X is so jaded, that they probably won’t even be surprised.”
    I’m not immediately wondering what their drugs were laced with.
    Just, if they didn’t understand the appeal of the IP, why wouldn’t they do some basic market research to find out what it was?

    1. This one’s NOT as bad.
      (I thought Android’s Otto Korrekt hated me. But Apple has them beat in sheer presumption. I had to smack the bloody thing in the nose seven times in this very short post!)

    2. But that’s the point. Hollywood is now full of people who in fact think this was a good idea. And don’t really get why it isn’t getting traction. Even looking at the results, they still can’t see the pattern.

  2. My memory of “The Powerpuff Girls” is that the problem ultimately could not be solved by the mindless application of violence, but that violence was nevertheless required.

    1. A friend of mine could talk like Mojo Jojo for as long as you liked. Although I always worried that he wouldn’t be able to turn it off…

      1. That is awesome. And slightly scary. How sure are you that he was not a genetically enhanced evil monkey?

  3. I’m .. not sure Hollyweird remembers how to make a non-walking-wounded heroine, any more than they remember how to *not* humanize the villain.
    That said .. were I to suggest … if one were to strap the production crew into barber chairs, toothpick their eyes open, and make them watch back-to-back marathons of the first three seasons of “One Day At A Time”, “Facts Of Life”, and the only season of “Hello Larry”, over and over, they might have a breakthrough…

    1. It is not even humanizing the villain-it is making the ‘hero’ the villain. Cruella wants to skin puppies. You cannot make that right.

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