The THE ETERNALS Teaser Trailer.

There are any number of questions one might ask about how they’re planning to integrate THE ETERNALS into the MCU, but I don’t care because Jack Kirby. That’s their aesthetic, going forward. It’s gonna be a lot of Kirby.

5 thoughts on “The THE ETERNALS Teaser Trailer.”

  1. Barda looks OK.
    Oh, wait. That’s DC.

    Yeah, that’s about as much optimism as I can summon.

  2. Some dead horses need beating.

    No money for Marvel.
    No money for Star Wars.
    No money for Disney.

    Rather, Rinse. Repeat.

    1. The mendaciousness of Disney is precisely *why* I throw money at people like Moe. The writing is better, with far fewer ethical pitfalls.

    2. > No money for Star Wars

      Honestly, this isn’t a big deal for me. “Last Jedi” pretty much cured me any desire to spend more money on that franchise.

      I did watch a library copy of “Rise of Skywalker” tho…

      I’ve mostly watched the MCU movies via library copies as well. On a side note, I really wonder how well the new MCU movies are going to do now that two of the franchises most popular actors (Chris Evans and RDJ) have left.

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