05/26/21 Snippet, LICHES GET STITCHES.

I had to rewrite pages of this when I realized I had switched from third person to first.


And as if thinking of death energy summoned it: as Pete got out his third clip he got a whiff of some. He looked over at Vinnie, who was now scratching at his neck. “Sudden itch?” Pete asked. “Yeah,” he muttered. “This magic?”

“Probably. It’s one of the ways normal people detect foul sorcery. Basically, you’re having an allergic reaction. Could be worse, though.”

“Oh? How?”

Pete held up one finger while looking for a handy trashcan; ah, there one was. Keeping an eye out for any sudden zombies, the exorcist moved over and took the opportunity to do a power vomit. Good thing I always get extra-hydrated before a job. “It could be that,” Pete said after he wiped his mouth with a tissue.

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