So, I’m fiddling with Pinterest tonight. (Yes, help would be lovely.)

And I can’t help but think that I am doing Pinterest precisely wrong. I normally don’t feel like I’m in my fifties. Truly, I do not. But I’m feeling it tonight!

Moe Lane

PS: The nice thing about getting older is you learn when to say “Okay, advice would be nice.”

3 thoughts on “So, I’m fiddling with Pinterest tonight. (Yes, help would be lovely.)”

  1. Their algo seems to do a very good job of serving up images that are related to previously saved searches. So, my results are nordic mythology, and woodworking.

    You need to ask other authors who have had measurable success driving traffic from Pinterest to their Facebook and Amazon pages what sorts of images or tags or other metadata they used.

  2. The most important advice I can give you:

    Other than that, it’s a handy place to stash things so that your browserbookmarks aren’t a series of nested folders.

    Put some thought into your organization scheme up front, because it’s a bit of a pain to reorganize. (It has hopefully become more user friendly in that regard.)

  3. Not advise since you already know it, I’m sure, but more of a reminder – Nothing is free, so Pinterest will absolutely be monetizing your work contributing to the site (even if you don’t see how) while not rewarding you for it; and just like every other Social Media company it’s run by raging lefties (emphasis on RAGE), so post carefully and be ready to lose access to everything with no notice for no reason (backup EVERYTHING).

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