So, good news / bad news on the Galactic Con front.

The bad news? I apparently have a mild hernia. So I have to be careful about lifting things and so forth until I can get to a doctor who will tell me how we’re getting rid of it.

The good news? We decided to bite the bullet and just all go to Galactic Con. I think my kids haven’t worked out yet that going to a comics convention means that there’s stuff for sale that they could buy themselves, or wheedle out of their parents. But they will. That should be fun, and we need to get them out of the house more anyway. And, of course, this way I’ll be able to eat and use the bathroom without worrying that the stock will go walking with Jesus.

So go Team Hernia! …Okay, that sounded better in my head.

2 thoughts on “So, good news / bad news on the Galactic Con front.”

  1. That sounds like a really good idea, hope y’all have a great time!
    Remember to not lift stuff now that you have minions!

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