Back from Galactic Con!

Short version: very useful information was gathered and I sold enough books to make back my table fee. Actually doing it gave me some insights on the entire process, I got a bunch of business cards and hopefully new readers out of it, and I now appreciate the value of art in a display. Notes were taken. Lessons were learned. I had a good time.

And man, but I am tired.

Moe Lane

PS: My Amazon site is here, in case somebody’s using one of those business cards to check me out now.

One thought on “Back from Galactic Con!”

  1. Congratulations, not losing *too* much money is a good first outing!
    One hopes you weren’t the only Lane who enjoyed it, and that you’ve now got budding helpers for the next few ones.
    p.s. until they go off to college, anyway.

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