I am not very excited for E3 this year.

It was nice hearing about the new Bethesda RPG, but the stuff I want to know about mostly involve DLC. I’d like updates on Cyberpunk 2077 and Outriders, and maybe some clarity about Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. I’m not getting any of that this week.

And, God help me, I don’t want to know about new Mass Effect or Dragon Age titles. Not until Bioware gets its head on a swivel. After a certain point, you’re just enabling its bad behavior; and I think we reached that point a while back… what? Yes, I bought the remaster. It doesn’t make me wrong, just slightly weak.

5 thoughts on “I am not very excited for E3 this year.”

  1. I watched the Voxis streams for most of the E3 content. (Sidebar: this is not a channel for the kiddies.) A few thoughts on the games though:

    -why is everything a 3rd person isometric again?

    -team shooter anyone?

    -nothing really excited me when I looked at it. The only one that moved the needle just a bit was the Warhammer 40K game. And maybe the STALKER clone.

    -No more Tiny Tina. It was perfect in Borderlands 2. You all are not listening, are you? You are going to go ahead and kill it, aren’t you?

    -I am hating Bethesda right now even more than even that shell of a once great company known as Bioware. They have managed to get me to NOT buy a Fallout game for the first time since 1998 (Fallout 76.)

    1. Team shooter? Like the new Rainbow 6 game? Might want to take a look if you haven’t already. It’s PvE team (three team members) hostage extraction against aliens invaders on Earth.

  2. I got Mass Effect LE. I too am slightly weak. I also got it so my youngest could begin her first playthrough.

    I will say there were *some* small improvements but other weirdness was introduced – In my current run of ME:3 all the cut scene characters have dirty hands … I’m sure it’s some shadow / occlusion setting that I need to fiddle with but I don’t have the bandwidth to muck about.

  3. :smugly:
    My copy of Dwarf Fortresses works just fine, thanks.
    (runs away)

  4. Redfall has my interest. Arkane making an open world stealth jungle gym with drop-in co-op? You have my attention. Killing vampires is pure bonus.
    (The games media, however, continues to prove itself unworthy of their soapbox. Anyone who obsesses about a character bring a black female, will be no fun to play with.)

    As does Starfield, of course.

    I’m kind of meh on Halo in general, but I’m interested in seeing where the story’s going.

    Outer Worlds 2? Not really what I was looking forward to from Obsidian, but I’ll play it.

    Lots of the AAA looked fun, but uninspired.

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