The “Microsoft, You Majestic SOBs” OUTER WORLDS 2 trailer.

This is… this is perfect. It is a beautifully self-aware deconstruction of the typical AAA videogame teaser release, despite the fact that it came out under the imprimatur of Xbox; and it utterly fits the heavily satirical worldview of the first OUTER WORLDS, despite the fact (again) that Obsidian got acquired by Microsoft. This trailer has managed to somehow make me excited for the sequel despite the fact (one last time) it told me it was aiming to do just that, with a cynicism so pure, so clean, that I am refreshed.

Whoever came up with this trailer deserves a raise. And free wings on Friday night.

8 thoughts on “The “Microsoft, You Majestic SOBs” OUTER WORLDS 2 trailer.”

  1. I dunno. It rubbed me the wrong way. Outer Worlds was definitely heavily steeped in satire, but it wasn’t an outright comedy/parody game. This give the impression the sequel would go the Saints Row 3 and 4 route of pure farce, which is fine for SR, but would be awful for OW. Hopefully, it’s just a trailer.

    1. The thing is, you can try to keep it real all you want, but if you just point out all of the things wrong with modern game marketing and then show absolutely nothing about a game aside from the title, at a certain point all you are doing is being a vapid asshat.
      A ‘self aware’ asshat to be sure- but still an asshat.

      1. Except that as a sequel, we already know roughly what we’re getting.

        The satirical commentary on the cynicism of E3 game trailers is perfectly on-point with the franchise’s identity. (And ever so richly deserved.)

        It’s Spacer’s Choice!
        Not the Best Choice.
        (If the honest cynicism of that motto from a purveyor of cheap “good enough” gear appeals, then you’re the target demographic.)

  2. That’s brilliant.

    This, like the mini fridge, stand as rebuke to Sony fanbois shouting about how the PS5 is clearly beating the XBox Series.
    If M$ we’re losing this round of console war, they wouldn’t be having so dang much fun.

    (Seriously, why are PS fans worse than PC Master Race when it comes to giving others credit?)

    M$ finally got me to bite on game pass. They offered me a deal that made it cheaper to upgrade than to just stand pat. It’ll equalize about the beginning of 2023, but things will certainly change by then, anyway.

    1. Please unpack the rebuking mini fridge?
      Missing something…
      not-an-avid-gamer cat

      1. Short version:
        The new XBox Series X was panned for resembling a refrigerator.
        Microsoft leaned into the meme, mocked up a black refrigerator with an Xbox badge and green LEDs, and gave it away as a contest prize.
        It went over very well. So well, that some people started DIYing it themselves and generally having a lot of fun with the joke.
        Which led to this announcement yesterday:

  3. When they started actively pushing developers and other companies for cross-platform play.

    (OK, it started with Phil Spencer being put in charge of XBox in 2017, and his immediate push for backwards compatibility. Since that point, XBox has consistently been consumer-friendly. Like recently, when Sony made the push to increase the price of games, and XBox pushed back against it. Even though such an increase would make XBox GamePass more attractive, and make them more money. Goodwill is a killer app.)

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