Yeah, really need that new title.


The difficulty with having intelligent associates is that they are intelligent. If Carlotta had been safely back in Court, she might have managed to be gone for a full half hour before anyone had realized that she was leading the relief… expedition? Raid? Forlorn hope? As it was, the other two noticed far too soon how she kept saying ‘we’ when referring to the adventure. Things became briefly tiresome after that.

But only briefly. “Colonel, Reverend,” she said to them both, trying not to sound too waspish, “these are not the days of our grandmamas, or even mamas. The task must be done by the hand best suited for it. Am I not the best arcanist in the castle?”

“Yes,” said Davies, and he looked quite loath to do so.

“And we will need the best for this journey. I honestly will be more of use doing this. By now my superior arcane talents are not needed inside these walls, gentlemen. Any of my assistants and colleagues can do whatever magical activities that might still need performing.”