Still need to think up a better title! Look, I’ve been sick. It’s a miracle I could actually write today.


It took four days to reach the beacon-fire location, and Carlotta cordially loathed it. It was a horrible time of year for traveling, there were far too many unpleasantly wet or prickly locations in the wilderness, and then there was the added threat of the Undead to consider. That last one was somehow worse for being almost nonexistent. Her party only encountered solitary revenants, and they were invariably stuck in the landscape somehow. It was quite the surprise.

Indeed, they even found a small, walled settlement/refuge of people, who were most insistent that they stay far, far away. “The damned things are attracted by smell!” the guard on the wooden palisade yelled to them. “We’re full here!”

Witherby looked at Carlotta. At her nod, he stepped forward and said, “We have news from the east, and food of our own! All we ask for is the use of your walls and fires for the night!”

“You’ll get the use of our bows if you come any closer! And the rest of the world can go hang!”

One thought on “07/11/21 Snippet, THE DEFENSE OF WINDERMERE CASTLE.”

  1. Title’s not terribly descriptive, but that’s not a huge problem.
    Action’s getting interesting, though. One part of defense is knowing who your neighbors are .. knowing which ones’ll come to your aid .. knowing which to stay the h*ll away from .. and, oh yeah, having a plan to kill each and every one of ’em if needed.
    Just sayin’

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