HARK! Something unusual!


The party encountered no more human settlements on their way to the mine — but they encountered no more revenants, either. This at first relieved, then bemused, and finally ended up alarming Carlotta. The spells she had cast were working to keep them away from the attention of the Undead, so much so that they would have been able to safely ambush any individual shamblers that they happened upon. Indeed, everyone in the party was looking forward to putting down a few shamblers. And yet, there were none to be found. In short, it was a bit of a mystery — and mysteries were no longer considered quite suitable for polite society, what there was left of it.

Carlotta consulted with Baxter’s scouts, and they were as confused as she was. One of them — Loud Mary, the only other woman in the party — went so far as to say it was ‘uncanny.’ “These paths ain’t good for shamblers,” she murmured (Loud Mary was also the quietest person Carlotta had ever met). “Back home, in hills like this they’d trip over their feet, get tangled up in brambles like it was nothing. Figured we’d be usin’ their heads for target practice every mile, like. But I ain’t even seen bones.”