My mini-review of BLACK WIDOW.

Short version: I wish I had seen it in theaters, but it was a lot of fun.

Slightly longer version: well, I didn’t want to see BLACK WIDOW via Disney+ Premiere Early Access Gold Club or whatever it’s called, but my throat was sore on Friday and I am not going to risk movie theaters in any way at all right now. Since I spent the weekend flying from my first cold in over a year, this was a wise decision on my part. So I saw it on my computer screen, as blipping usual.

And I liked it. It was fun: I like all the actresses (and actor) in Nat’s half-real, half-fake, and actually-real after all family, and they did a good job. The plot was a Marvel movie’s, and I like those. I forget who noted that it would have been better if this movie had come out before INFINITY WAR, but people watching this series for the first time will be able to just do it all in internal chronological order, so no worries there.

I still quibble about the lack of a certain end credits scene, but that’s just me.

4 thoughts on “My mini-review of BLACK WIDOW.”

  1. There is still the possibility of an Easter egg scene hidden on the Blu-Ray. Don’t give up hope yet, Moe!

    Thanks for the review. When this was announced I was excited about it. The intervening time has diminished my expectations and excitement. Maybe I do need to go see this in the theater, after all.

  2. I had fun watching it. Some complaints, but nothing big. Perhaps the biggest was that the name of the supervillain in this movie (not mentioning it, as iirc none of the trailers ever revealed who it is) is purely a legacy name, and the character never actually does what the name would suggest (quite the opposite, in fact).

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