My non-review of “Space Jam: A New Legacy.”

Short version: don’t be absurd. Watch that movie? I have more of a sense of self-worth than that, and so should you. Read my books or check out my Patreon, instead. Or just take your money out back, and burn it in a ditch.

Moe Lane

PS: Judging from the reviews, kids may like it. Which annoys me more, because I’d rather mine not be exposed to A CLOCKWORK ORANGE just quite yet…

7 thoughts on “My non-review of “Space Jam: A New Legacy.””

  1. Something animated that might be more agreeable for your kids –

    Netflix released a trailer for an animated Monster Hunter movie. Unlike the recent live-action movie, this one does not involve modern American troops somehow ending up in a fantasy world with giant wyverns. Instead, the focus is a young man learning about monster hunting in order to save his village. It releases next month.

    Anyway, the trailer is here –

      1. You do.


        On a more serious note, both it and Dauntless share a similar theme. But Dauntless is more about the action of fighting a (usually goofy looking, to be frank) monster, whereas Monster Hunter tends to be more about hunting a monster (which usually looks like a wyvern or dinosaur). Dauntless is more action-focused, while Monster Hunter is a lot more tactical (but action is still important).

      2. Depends if the thought of a Souls game with extra grinding appeals.

        I’m in the “hard pass” camp.

        1. If you haven’t played World, that may not apply. The only MH game that I’ve played is World, and I’ve heard that the grinding in that game has been dramatically reduced from the earlier games. IIRC, the reason for that is because Capcom is aware that American players won’t put up with the same level of grinding that Asian players will, and World was the first MH game intended from the start for a big world-wide release.

          Personally, I don’t think that the grinding in World is bad (until post End-Game), but everyone’s opinion varies. And I don’t know how Rise compares with the earlier games in that regard.

  2. Freedom’s just another word
    For nothing left to lose…

    Hollywood wishes to give us our freedom.
    And cater to a captive population in fear of their social credit score.
    It’sa much easier audience to appeal to.
    So they game to do, is kiss up to Xinnie the Poo.

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