The BLACK WIDOW Honest Trailer.

I think Honest Trailers liked BLACK WIDOW more than they want to admit.

Because, and this is the God’s honest truth: BLACK WIDOW is not one of the innovative MCU flicks. It’s fun and I liked it, but it really should have come out after CIVIL WAR (not that this really matters now; people will watch these flicks in in-universe chronological order). It’s a big action flick that drastically tones down the overt superheroics*, which makes it a bit of a throwback in that regard, so you’d expect Honest Trailers to be more cruel in their snark. But they weren’t.

Guess they’re a little less sophisticated over there than they like to present themselves? – But that’s all right. It’s okay to just like things because they’re cool.

Moe Lane

*Except for the damage soaks. Then again: I played a lot of superhero RPGs, so I’m personally fine with the idea that the Talented Normal PC can use the more forgiving injury and recovery rules.