Tweet of the Day, Stop DOING That edition.

If people are going to be this willfully reckless, then why do we even have spooky horror movies, people?

I mean, Jesus CHRIST. I don’t even BELIEVE in magic or curses and if I ever found this on a dig, I’d carefully cover it back up, then go somewhere else for a while. There’s skeptical, and then there’s just asking for it. Great googly moogly.

3 thoughts on “Tweet of the Day, Stop DOING That edition.”

  1. But I thought a certain amount of genre blindness was de rigueur for these occasions? o_O

  2. “Don’t tell Dr. Jones….. No, I don’t care if the genocidal death-cult is on their way, I called them myself. Oh don’t look at me like that, it’s not like that. You’ll notice the last couple artifacts actually did both us and the world a favor in regards to those sorts. New official procedure in place now…”

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