Dust Sigils [Esoterrorists]/

Kind of self-referential, but then this entire game line is highly esoteric anyway.

Dust Sigils [Esoterrorists]

Description: a collection of 250 pendants, one inch in diameter and made out of unfinished wood. Each pendant is crudely inscribed with the following design:

The design originates from Megalon Publishing, a British tabletop roleplaying game company specializing in 20th century horror, fantasy, and science fictional settings. Dust Sigils in particular draw from a set of horror novels written by Clarissa Beatrice Witherspoon (1865-1933). Witherspoon was an otherwise obscure author of fictional travelogues who abruptly switched gears to write Silent Deaths (1905), King’s Despair (1908), Collections of Futility (1909), Last Pavane (1910), and Dust Queen of The Saffron Waste (1911) before just as abruptly going back to light fiction. No explanation for her change in tone — or, indeed, how she was able to get her publisher to print four remarkably bleak novels and one short story collection — was ever given.

Megalon Publishing has recently published a critically acclaimed (as such things go) TTRPG based on the shared world of the works listed above. An Ordo Veritas investigation at the time revealed no Esoterrorist links; their private and public electronic communications do not show any unusual use of Esoterrorist keywords, and there is no correlation between Megalon’s catalog and incidents involving the Membrane. There is in fact an ongoing discussion at the higher levels of the OV whether to use them as a cutout to produce Membrane-friendly RPG material.

This discussion has been complicated by the discovery of 250 Dust Sigils recovered as a part of Operation VIRIDIAN TRIANGLE. The Sigils were in the possession of Esoterrorist Nicholas Arminger, who had arranged to hand them out as site tokens at an upcoming event sponsored by a medieval-recreationist organization called the League For Archaic Pleasures. Arminger did not reveal why he made the Sigils, prior to his suicide while still in custody.

The group will thus need to investigate Arminger, Megalon, and the League. Examining Witherspoon’s work might also prove fruitful: her brief digression into horror ended up informing the works of more well-known classic horror writers Lavinia Asenath Marsh and Sonya Belit. But report back regularly, and don’t split up! Horror fiction may be entertaining, but it should never be emulated.

(The following non-commercial, fan-created material is meant for use with the Esoterrorists RPG.  The Esoterrorists is a Trademark of Pelgrane Press Ltd. The Yellow Sign seen above has likewise been placed into the public domain by Pelgrane.)