FunCom has Conan.

This is not code language. FunCom is plugging Conan because FunCom owns Conan. Nothing else I could say would make more sense given what Funcom owns and what FunCom is doing at this moment*.

*Classical reference. God, but I miss Achewood.

3 thoughts on “FunCom has Conan.”

  1. I’m confused. Pretty much all of REH’s completed stories are already public domain. (His poetry, OTOH, is mostly locked up for a long time yet.)

    That being the case, exactly what is Funcom claiming ownership of?

  2. Um…

    Didn’t Funcom already have Conan?

    As for the copyright status of Howard’s stuff –

    Apparently it’s a bit of a muddle, for a number of reasons. Yes, Howard’s original Conan stories are apparently not under copyright. On the other hand, his Solomon Kane stories are under copyright in the US (but not some other countries). Further muddying the issue is that a number of other authors have dipped their toes into the Conan universe, writing additional stories about the Cimmerian. At least some of that additional content was used to fill out the world in the Conan MMORPG that Funcom runs. So whether “Howard franchise” stuff is under copyright depends on where you are, and what exactly you’re including.

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