Had to spend some time thinking about the new story.

I know where it’s going to end up; but I think that 8K words is barely enough time to deal with the monster in front of our hero — what’s that? Yes. Of course there’s a monster. Obviously. I’m not calling it ETERNAL NIGHT OF THE MOON-BEASTS because it’s a [cowboy]-[nurse] romance story*.

Anyway, spent time thinking about how to make this scene a real short story instead of, well, just a scene.

Moe Lane

*Do those exist? …Well, they probably do now. You’re welcome?

6 thoughts on “Had to spend some time thinking about the new story.”

  1. Please. PLEASE. Tell me it is just very bad page formatting on your part.

    I’m not sure I can continue reading your work if you provide the world with a beastial menage a trois.

    Unless it was tastefully done.

    Or absolutely filthy.

    There is no middle ground.

  2. Didn’t In Harm’s Way have a cowboy-nurse romance subplot? Well, okay, it was naval officer-nurse, but the naval officer was portrayed by John Wayne. Therefore: cowboy-nurse romance.

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