The “Because we could” Marvel’s HIT-MONKEY series trailer.

It’s not that Marvel is drunk on its power, exactly. Why, that would imply that there is an alternative state of consciousness for the company. Seriously, when it comes to new programming Marvel’s pitch team has been continuously ripped to the gills for the last decade and a half, and here’s the latest bit of evidence for that:

HIT-MONKEY is merely the latest in a series of counter-intuitive show choices that will… likely work out. I mean, what do I know? I would have rejected the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY pitch as being too risky! Good thing Marvel didn’t hire me to do that, huh?

One thought on “The “Because we could” Marvel’s HIT-MONKEY series trailer.”

  1. There has certainly been a market for generically absurdist escapism.** Comic Book stories come with that baked in. Now if only the IRL personalities behind them could take that lesson to heart and leave the rest of us the @#%$ alone.

    ** [Hey someone should write some books like that 😉 ]

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