10/07/21 Snippet, THE JOB’S THE JOB.

I finally figured out what’s happening! That’s always nice to know.

Amanda Green may have had any number of talents, but delivering information wasn’t one of them. It took an hour to get the basic details. Let me summarize them for you: Green worked at ‘Mentor’ Quiroz’s antique store as an assessor and cleaner. For the last year she had been taking magical lessons instead of a pay raise. No spouse or kids, but she and Quiroz were both known in local occult circles. Most magicians don’t see any point in keeping what abilities they have a secret, and neither woman was doing magic as a full time job anyway.

Chauncy had shown up about a month ago, attached to an armoire from an estate sale. According to Green, it took him a week to coalesce as a ball of light that only a magician could see, and another week to manage your basic post-mortem Jedi translucent hologram, or whatever it was supposed to be in the movie. By now he could freely move about the store, use a cell phone, and talk loud enough for regular people to hear.

“How did your mentor feel about having a ghost around?” I asked Green. Particularly a naked one, I didn’t add.