Getting ready for Halloween 2021.

It is not yet time for the Buying of the Candy, but we are Assembling The Costumes. The eldest child wishes to go as a man with a fish head; the youngest is still thinking, but I suspect ‘cyborg’ will end up being involved. We will also need to pencil in a good time for the Decoration of the Yard. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

And this holiday is going on as scheduled this year, to the extent that I can personally manage it. We defiantly kept true to the folkways during the Plague Year; I’m hardly going to abandon them now. And I don’t give a damn if anybody doesn’t like that.

3 thoughts on “Getting ready for Halloween 2021.”

  1. I am not waiting for Halloween. Next week I will be wearing a Deadpool mask in place of the stupid face diaper. I will probably be given a written reprimand. And yes, it will be worth it.

    1. How could they conceivably reprimand you for that?
      It’s a mask. It covers the mouth and nose. It’s every bit as (in)effective at stopping a 70 nanometer virus as any other cloth or paper mask.

      There was one gal in this area who used a plague doctor mask. The Karens *hated* her. (I made a point of complimenting the choice the few times I ran across her.)

  2. It is the Buying of the Candy time at our House. We pretty much stick with what has become the traditional outfits for my family: witches for my sisters, roman legion for the brothers. Not very original, but it saves time.

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