Creature Seed: Specimen HER-10292020-DRK.

Specimen HER-10292020-DRK

Description: roughly humanoid. 6 feet 4 inches, three fingers and a thumb on both hands and feet (fully prehensile), 275 lbs. The flesh is a substance with a 97% congruence to chocolate, with cherry-flavored cola for blood, licorice for hair, and razor-sharp candy corn for teeth and claws. When encountered, Specimen HER-10292020-DRK was wearing a steel-reinforced leather tunic, shirt, and boots, and carrying a leather satchel that contained various instruments and a supply of dried meat: tests indicated that both the meat and the leather were of human origin. Due to the unique nature of the corpse, it is recommended that the Specimen be kept frozen.

Method of attack: a short range over-stimulation of the brain’s endorphins, creating an overwhelming euphoria which can result in disorientation, confusion, permanent brain damage, coma, and/or death.

In 2020 this thing partially consumed a Hershey Park security guard, killed two Pennsylvania state troopers, and wounded three more people before it was put down. Survivors reported that the Specimen was distressingly resistant to bullets, regenerating from shots rapidly. Fortunately, it proved vulnerable to both extreme heat and cold; the Specimen was immobilized by a fire extinguisher long enough for it to be thrown into a walk-in freezer. The Specimen was later picked up by [REDACTED], secured more thoroughly with a liquid nitrogen containment system, and brought in for further research.

Distressingly, freezing the Specimen merely immobilized it; Project STAR GATE empaths reported that it retained sapience but not consciousness. They also reported that the Specimen contained enough directed malice towards humans to cause nosebleeds in a Sensitivity Three remote viewer. A comprehensive examination of the Specimen’s gear and clothing suggests an extradimensional origin, but it is still unclear whether it came here deliberately, or was translated to this universe involuntarily. After careful consideration, the relevant committee decided to kill the Specimen (it had, after all, murdered three people in cold blood, and ate one of them). Unfortunately, the Specimen managed to activate its euphoria-generation ability and used it to neutralize the technicians preparing to shatter it.

That was this morning. The facility was sealed automatically, but unfortunately there are still human beings inside it. Please rescue as many as you can. And don’t bother trying to capture the Specimen. Freeze it or melt it, but get the bits ready for final disposal — preferably, in a blast furnace.

And for the love of whatever god or gods you’ve been assigned, don’t eat the damned thing. According to the relevant security footage, the Specimen got out because one idiot decided that he wanted a snack.

8 thoughts on “Creature Seed: Specimen HER-10292020-DRK.”

  1. Given that this thing appears to be at least 50% sugar… wouldn’t super soakers be the optimal weapons to use against it?

    1. I am fairly certain you could soak fudge in water fire a while before it noticeably dissloved. I don’t think anything less than a fire how is going go even inconvenience this monstrosity.

    2. Super shoakers are a bit limited against something with structure. Now a power washer, those things can cut concrete, and it’s easy enough to set up a pallet jack or a dolly with a diesel generator, half a dozen 5 gallon jugs and a washer rig.

      1. This is the kind of solution my players would apply.

        That, and discussing how long the chainsaw will run after they douse it in gasoline and set it on fire.

  2. It’s always Chocolatetown, USA from you, Moe.

    Show some love for Mallo Cups and set this in Altoona.

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