Patreon Microfiction: The Actual Magery Involves Slide Rules.

The oddity of ‘The Actual Magery Involves Slide Rules’ is, I don’t know who are the better guys. I mean, ‘cultist’ is diagnostic – but so is ‘deliberately setting people up for fatal radiation poisoning.’ That’s not exactly nice.


2 thoughts on “Patreon Microfiction: The Actual Magery Involves Slide Rules.”

  1. Seems to me it’s like setting mousetraps.. putting them around the kitchen doesn’t force the mice to come in, it merely reduces the damage they cause.

  2. I thin it’s actually more amusing if you tweak it just a little so that these guys aren’t doing it deliberately – they’re just cleaning up afterwards. Like, no one particularly *wants* the cultists to kill themselves off with radiation poisoning – it’s just that there’s some sort of mildly infectious cultist crazy that goes around that makes them want to use the site without proper protection, in *spite* of all the warning signs, and for various reasons it’s not really feasible to guard the site well enough to keep them out, and then you have to go put the lead-lined hazmat suits on again and pull out the corpses because it really *is* a major mystical node, and leaving cultist corpses lying around in nodes (radiated or otherwise) is pretty bad for the overall mystical health of the area.

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