ComingSoon’s GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE review makes me want to believe.

They got to see it early, the lucky ducks.

The idea of a Ghostbusters III has been tossed around for decades. But after a lengthy delay, no thanks to the pandemic, we are finally getting a continuation of the two ’80s movies. But our original four Ghostbusters are not the stars of this one, and we instead have a group of kids solving a mystery tied to the Ghostbusters. This could have turned out terribly, similar to the horrifying Ace Ventura Jr. situation, but fortunately, it worked. This movie is a lovely, satisfying sequel to the Ghostbusters films that perfectly combines the new with the old.

It is a measure of the day I’ve had that I am disproportionately pleased to hear that GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE maybe doesn’t suck. This is, like, the first half hour I’ve had to think about the stuff that I wanted to think about. you get days like that, alas.